SMS Marketing

Along with emails, SMS is the most emerging platforms to reach your prospects. Today, Businesses of all sizes are discovering that integrating with an SMS Service provider may strengthen then marketing strategy. It would lead to more customers for your industry. Isn’t it interesting?

Relevance of SMS Marketing

Text messaging or SMS is one of the most popular forms of communication in today’s society. According to a reputed resource in America, it is observed that around 90% of people around the globe have mobile phones and more than 81% use it for sending text messages for one or the other reasons. Most of them today use it for commercial purposes as it is an opt-in service. That implies that everybody who received your messages have agreed to receive it thereby reducing SPAMS or DNDs.

Instant Deliverability

Text messages or SMS are usually delivered within few seconds. The Average SMS delivery time for most mobile carriers is less than 10 seconds. It may vary according to the brands.

High Open rate

The most common way to rate an SMS is based on its Open rate. SMS has got comparatively high open rates. Mobile users’ or smart phone users respond based on the call to actions provided in the SMS.The easiest fact is that for SMS there is no need of crafting any subject lines.

Type of bulk SMS Marketing Services offered in Dubai:

Promotional SMS Services: This refers to the promotional SMS that you are sending to your prospects or regarding some offers or promotions. This may also include sending it to new or existing customers depending upon the offer or service.

Transactional SMS Services: This refers to the SMS sent to your leads once they are converted. These kinds of SMS may refer to one time passwords (OTPS), alert messages etc.This is applicable for the registered users.

Business SMS Services: This may refer to the local SMS, bulk SMS, and SMS alerts to all the users irrespective of their stages.

Added to that, we do not stop here. Our SMS marketing service is not complete just with sending the SMS. Rather we track each message with advanced reposting tools to ensure proper delivery and response for the same.

The main advantage of bulk SMS marketing is that even the people who do not own a Smartphone can receive the text messages and can act accordingly. So the chance of losing a prospect is very less.

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