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Are SEO and search engine Marketing the same?

Search Engine Optimization ( SEO) focuses on enhancements in the organic search performance, while SEM uses paying ads to increase traffic.

We are often asked why a company wants SEM if its SEO is effective. There are many reasons, but the big reason is that SEM puts you where you want to be, while SEO offers no guarantee. The next question for the individual is normally, is SEM better than SEO then?

Both strategies have the time and place to bring more people to your website. For example, when a website is first launched to allow the SEO time to work, Google Ads are often used. A full digital marketing tool such as Localsearch will help you coordinate your plans and achieve optimal value with your investment.

How do I know if the promotion of my search engine works?

You do not know how the SEM operates without clear reports because any client you talk to will inform you exactly how they first heard and approached you.

Google Ads insights may allow you to scratch your head. Not only are there many windows for navigation and acronyms for learning, but sometimes the numbers don't add up.

We combine the power of reporting with call tracking with local search engine marketing services. So you not only can see exactly how much you spend and where it goes, but you can also hear why it becomes customer, or why it doesn't. We can record each call generated by your ad by creating a unique call tracking number. Then you can play the recordings to see where your sales funnel can be optimised.

SEM = content of customer-focused website

Keyword Research tells you what your customers are looking for. By including content on your website specifically aimed at what your customers ask for or about, you link your business with your prospective customers via Google. This cycle is what we see as search engine marketing as creating customer-driven website content.

And a simple definition to give you ... Many serviced companies don't want to quote prices on their web sites as they often differ very much from each other or do not want to warn their competitors about what they charge. But simply when you search for phrases such as 'costs' or 'pricing,' your website will be more likely to appear at Google Search results pages when your prospects enter these words in their search if you have any website content which gives you ranges of prices and examples.

Armed with Keyword Research's logically grouped terms, we work with you to create website contents or web pages that focus on the contents you want and search for.

And asking someone from overseas to perform this role would be troublesome for Dubai company purely because of the vagaries of the Environment.

SEO = 'free' website traffic

Now that you have web content focused on customers, it optimizes contents according to Google rules. Usage of search results to list web pages, is the next step.

First, SEO is more a 'art' than a science, although basic rules exist. Content is expected to be special. The website and forums should be well organized and should contain related material on and off-sites.

It should be noted that nobody can guarantee classifications, since the rules for ranking web pages are the intellectual property of search engine companies like Google and are strictly secret. And the laws change periodically ... At least a year. Finally, your competitors probably work on their rankings and probably affect your website rankings.

Search engine optimisation should therefore be continuous and regularly (monthly), and detailed ranking, web traffic and conversion (leads or sales) reports should be supported.

In order to assess who and where the website ranks currently, we suggest undertaking an SEO audit first. Not only does a study point out how defective the coding system is, but an assessment will also demonstrate what needs to be repaired. We offer professional search engine, Marketing, Content Creation & Marketing, Marketing and public relations, Google & Bing Adwords.

Insprago Interactive Solutions employs many systematic methods to create search engine-to-web traffic.

You will take advantage of our offerings irrespective of your target audience by offering two primary search engine marketing programs: Search Engine Marketing and Search Engine Marketing World. Both programs follow the same steps to optimize your search engine to achieve the best results for your business.

Our Search Engine Marketing  and Optimization Capabilities

Insprago Interactive Solutions conducts search engine analysis to find the best main sentences for improving the website when search engines are used. The figures evaluate the amount of requests performed on the internet and the amount of rival websites for the key phrases needed by your website. We use our search engine research to identify the key phrases that will provide your website with the most efficient and targeted information when using search engine optimization techniques. We then introduce the following tactics to increase the rankings on your website in search engines for the correct keywords.

We optimize your search engine on your website to target the most efficient sentences for bringing suitable visitors to your website (possible customers). As search engines often change their indexing rules, continuous work is undertaken to ensure that optimized pages continue to increase traffic.

We also run a Link Building program to increase the website's content connections. Links are a very important part of a Search Engine Marketing campaign, since most search engines identify and grade the incoming links to your website. The better the incoming links, the higher the impact on your rankings.

Pay-per - click Advertising is a fast and efficient way to get search engines rankings while awaiting organic rankings. It is often the only real way to be ranked as highly competitive for your company. We identify the right terms for a pay-per - click campaign based on our search engine research. We launch and manage your advertisements in order to ensure proper traffic. There is a 'press' fee paid for any visitor to your website by the advertisement company (Google, Overture, etc.) for pay-per - click ads and we handle the campaign so that you achieve the highest return on investment.

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