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Are you looking for a school or a college mobile application that can fulfill your academic needs?

Education applications are indeed one of the major forms of mobile applications that are viral today. It offers mobile application solutions for the parents and provides all the crucial information at their fingertips.

School mobile applications are the ones that offer a simple and an intuitive web and a user interface to manage the communication between parents and schools. Parents today do not need to get involved in real time discussions. Rather it can be fulfilled via the mobile applications that render the up to date information. This reduces the complication of the communication between the parents and the school management.

Some of the major features associated with the school mobile application development services.

  • School login admin
  • Management of student data
  • Attendance records and maintenance
  • Exam results
  • Major events and news
  • Holidays information
  • Fees Management
  • Time table management

The list goes on….

College Mobile application development

Helps you discover the most exciting world of mobile website and mobile application development. It would help you to create a reliable college application that better suits your requirements.

College application may involve all the major details that are required for the successful running of an institution via mobile so that it’s accessible anytime anywhere.

Features of a college mobile application

  • College admin
  • Managing student and staff database
  • Communication with parents for some critical information
  • Holidays and other important news and events.

School/College Mobile applications development companies in Dubai

With the growing popularity of mobile applications and smart phones it is mandate that each and every school or college should develop their own application to address their customers.

Insprago Techlab Solutions are one among the leading and successful mobile application development companies based in Dubai. With the most reliable and user friendly applications developed with the support of expert developers it caters the needs of the customers at large.

Some of the major features covered for the school or college mobile applications involve:

  • Profile
  • Attendance
  • Exams
  • Results and more.
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