Real Estate Mobile App

There is an exciting statistics that would blow your mind……

According to a report from Google,

“87% of buyers recently finalized the property through the traditional modes like real estate agent or broker and 68% of new home shoppers prefer agents, from a mobile app.

Yes, that's true!!!! From a real estate mobile app.!!!!

Hence one thing is certain here, As far as real estate agent is concerned, it is mandatory to have access to the most preferred mobile apps that would help them to find listings and also to orient the customer or a prospect to bring them on board.”

Now, it’s your turn!

Real-estate mobile applications are the preferable solutions that offer the most user friendly solutions for the prospects to get more flexible and reliable solutions for their requirements. For selling or buying your properties online, it’s mandatory to have a good real-estate mobile app developed for your needs.

Developing a mobile application for an online real-estate business is not that easy. It needs to be well defined and process oriented and most importantly, it should the prospects’ needs. It is possible to design good real-estate mobile app only with the in-depth knowledge and research of all the possibilities.

A real-estate app is meant to accomplish every need of your customers in searching for a property then heading to the virtual tours and finally ending up in purchase.

Some of the great features for a good real-estate mobile app may be listed follows:

  • Advanced and user-friendly search criteria
  • Virtual tours that would create good impressions
  • Property listing
  • Integrations like GPS, Forums, etc
  • Push notifications
  • Currency Convertors

The list goes on …

It matters the most how you develop the most stunning real-estate mobile apps that would eventually convert the subscribers into your customers effectively.

Insprago Techlab Solutions, based in Dubai is one among the most leading service providers for the real-estate mobile app development. With the expert designers and developers on board, it can help you discover the new world of opportunities for you.
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