Payment Gateway Integrations

Suppose you run a very good business

You have a good number of visitors on your ecommerce website

You have a competitively good bounce rate as your website has easy navigation and expected content

Imagine if you have everything right except the payment integration, that’s it!

Everything goes in vain, isn’t it?

Irrespective if the business is good or bad, it mainly depends upon the reliable payment step that you present to your customers. You need to understand that a payment gateway is a powerful weapon to understand and to present the hassle free payment mode to your customers in return for your product.

Yes, for a successful ecommerce business, you need to get payment gateway integrated into your eCommerce store. But, if you think that it is just for the payment communication alone, then you may be wrong.

What is actually a payment gateway?

It is an application developed for the website especially dealing with the monetary transactions. It ensures the payment made by the customer is safe and secure. It is also play a crucial role in collecting information from the credit or debit cards etc from the customer.

Supporting Payment Gateway Integrations

When it comes to an ecommerce website, a customer point of view is mainly deal with the products and its payment and then shipping and delivery. But have you ever thought of how the payments are made seamlessly? Yes, it’s through the help of these payment gateway integrations that support the payment processes. Some of the major payment gateway integrations that are supported in UAE include the foillowing:

Telr : the initial payment integrations that existed in UAE and is called as Innovate Payments. Has clients over 120 countries and serves medium and large scale companies world-wide

Pay Fort: This is the most widely used payment gateway integrations in UAE. The main benefit is that it does not have any startup payment. It also supports customers by allowing cash on delivery or card in delivery.

CCAvenue: This was initiated in India and is now popular in UAE. It has no set up fees but it deals with a monthly subscription.

Why is payment Gateway Integration important for your ecommerce business?

A payment gateway can make or even break your business depending on how it is being used. It is very important for your business for the following reasons:

Avoids fraudulences

As you know it’s very common thing that fraudulences are very much involved in eCommerce. With a strong payment integration system neither you nor your customer need to worry about getting into fraudulent situations.

More efficient

Payment gateway integration can help you in getting and extracting reports for a good data driven approach.

Expand your business globally

With a good payment gateway you can even reach an international client with ease

Looking for good payment gateway integrations for your ecommerce business?

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