Email Marketing

Email is a best tool to nurture your customer. There is no other platform better than email to make your customer ready to buy your product.

A B2B magazine report says:

It's no surprise that more than half of marketers say email is their most effective channel in generating revenue.

Email marketing is an incredible way to communicate with your customers and interact with them to know their requirements and feedback. There are three major mottos involved in Email marketing services: Engagement, lead nurturing and brand awareness

4 Principle elements for a good email marketing service:

  • Valuable content
  • Relevant and appropriate to the particular contacts
  • Expected (not Spam)
  • Integrated - with multiple marketing platforms

It is hard to generate a customer or a prospect but it’s more difficult to retain, engage or nurture a prospect till he becomes a customer. This would require a basic foundational email marketing service or a strategy delivered in partnership with the email service provider like Mail chimp or benchmark.

Why is Email Marketing more preferred by Marketers?

  • Because its greener – both environmental and financial perspectives
  • Recordable: You can track the responses from your leads or prospects
  • Email is a primary communication medium for any official purposes
  • Measurable: you can observe the open rates and click rates and even the overall response rates and nurture them accordingly.
  • According to a survey conducted online, it’s observed that more than 84% people prefer email for receiving their commercial information.

Email marketing service in Dubai

Insprago Interactive Solutions in Dubai is a leading email marketing services provider that caters the marketing needs of its clients. With the partnership of Mail chimp email marketing service, Insprago drives better results through the service.

Steps Involved:
  • Responsive Email template designs to better suit your prospects
  • Short and crispy subject lines to increase the readability even in smart phones
  • One call to action in every email sent
  • Professional email template design sticking to 2 to 3 color combinations alone
  • Segmentation of the contacts and sending the emails based on this list so that email will be sent to respective contacts
  • Complete analysis on Email responses and to work based on the feedback

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