eCommerce Shipping Integration

A success of an ecommerce website is measured not b the visitors on the site, rather by the number of loyal customers who are happy and satisfied throughout their buying cycle. Hence it is very important to present them with good shipping and a fulfillment experience.

According to some researches, it is observed that around 90% of people come back to the ecommerce websites where they had already purchased for more and more products due to its shipping and fulfillment services.

When it comes to ecommerce website, the shipping and fulfillment forms the backbone for the success. If these processes are not sufficient, it means that the ecommerce businesses are going on the verge of loss – both in terms of sales as well as in terms of customers.

Some of the shipping integrations that we support include Fetchr, Aramex, DHL and any company that offer the similar shipping services in UAE. Whether your business is small or big, you can avail special discounts and timely deliveries using these integrations. These shipping integrations would make your makes your process of buying and selling more easily and fun filled.

Some of the major takeaways of the shipping integrations include :

  • Real time tracking of your orders
  • Workflow automation of the pick up and delivery
  • Flexible and easy t use integrations
  • Affordable and cost efficient integrations

Think from the shoes of a customer

If you are buying something online, you expect it to be shipped properly to your destination on time right?

It’s as simple. With a strong shipment and fulfillment integrated system on place, you can find a solution here. Smart and sufficient shipment integration would help you in the following ways:

Timely and precise shipping of the product

As soon as the order is made, there are interlinks between the ecommerce site with the shipment system which would automatic ally inform the retailer about the order to initiate the process.

Tracking facility

Now the product is already shipped. What next?

The user can track his or her order so as to know where the product is at any instant of time. It is a indicator of good quality of service.

Issue Identifier

If in case there is any issue in the shipping and fulfillment or the tracking Platforms, it will be soon escalated to take necessary action, thereby reducing the number of bugs throughout the process.

Reasonable and affordable cost

This is one of the mot customer-friendly factors that still make your business more unique. The lesser the labor cost the more will be the popularity and fame.

Overall, Shipping and fulfillment integration may often result in decreased operational and labor costs, lesser shipping time and above all, higher customer satisfaction.
Ready to Move ahead with your ecommerce shipping integration?

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